Hyperion SQR production reporting Online Training

Hyperion SQR production reporting

Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting (SQR Production Reporting) software is a module of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus.

This comprehensive course is designed to teach developers fundamental through the advanced concepts of the SQR programming language.

Participants will develop SQR programs ranging from simple to moderately complex. Advanced SQR commands will be introduced.While this course is typically a week-long class, we can work with you to include the specific features you need and cover them in fewer days.

QR Production Reporting offers native drivers that optimize performance for a variety of data sources, such as SAP R/3 and SAP Business Information Warehouse, IBM DB2, and SQL Server; and multiple operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX). In addition, SQR Production Reporting generates reports in single and double-byte Unicode character sets as well as in multiple languages.

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Report Developers
  • Application Developers.


  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Experience programming in a 3GL or 4GL language
  • Familiarity with HTML
  • Understanding of relational database concepts

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    • We provide Very in-depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for, Hyperion SQR production reporting Online Training.
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Getting Started with SQR Production Reporting

Configuring SQR Production Reporting Components
Creating Simple SQR Production Reporting Jobs
Importing SQR Production Reporting Jobs into Workspace
Running SQR Production Reporting Jobs in Workspace

Scheduling Jobs and Batches

About Scheduling
Scheduling Interactive Reporting Jobs
Creating Custom Calendars
Configuring Directories and Printers for Job Output
Scheduling SQR Production Reporting Jobs
Creating and Scheduling Financial Reporting Batches
Managing Schedules in the Schedule Module

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Duration: 30HRS
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    Hyperion SQR production reporting Online Training