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Interview Training

What is Mock Interview?

  • A mock interview mirrors an actual job interview. It gives you an opportunity to know what to say and do during an interview and get feedback.
  • Whether it’s face-to-face, online, or through a webcam, a mock interview is useful in reviewing your answers to common interview questions and assessing other factors such as your outfit, mannerisms, and body language. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”
  • Doing a mock interview will show your strong and weak points and boost your self confidence.

How do we help you with Mock Interview?


Step 1 : We will align a Certified Expert as Interviewer

Ideally, your interviewer will ask you a variety of questions related to your technology, and provide specific feedback on your responses.
You can check with your local career center to see if they offer mock interviews in your field or you may prefer to use a mentor or colleague as your mock interviewer.

Step 2: Resume Consultation

Just as you would for a real interview, bring copies of your resume, portfolio and any other necessary information that your interviewer might need. Your mock interviewer should be able to provide feedback on these materials so you can make adjustments to what you bring to the actual interview.

Step 3: How to answer questions

A mock interview allows you to carefully consider questions and form thoughtful responses that relate to your qualifications and skills. Try to use the STAR method for as many answers as you can to give the interviewer real examples of your abilities. When you use the STAR method, you provide a response that includes these elements for your responses:

  • Situation: Explain the context for what was happening at the time you are discussing.
  • Task: Explain your role in the situation.
  • Action: Describe your actions in detail.
  • Result: Explain the results of your actions, making sure to use concrete numbers whenever possible.Take the time to practice responses that fully answer the question and impress the interviewer.

Step 4: Research the company

Review the company’s website, social media posts and any news articles that may be available. You should know about their mission statement, values and relevant recent changes. Try to include your research in your mock interview answers to practice delivering responses that will show the hiring manager you’re interested in the company.

Step 5: Review the interview criteria

Either provide a syllabus to your interviewer or ask your career counselor what they will use to determine the success of your interview. You want to make sure that your mock interviewer provides clear feedback on your appearance, ability to answer questions, communication skills and qualifications for the role. They should be able to tell you where you excelled and skills you can work to improve.

Step 6: Interview Recording

Your mock interviewer will give you constructive feedback, but recording the interview can allow you to review yourself. When looking at or listening to your recording, take notes. Watch your facial expressions, hand gestures and posture. Listen to the tone and speed of your voice to make sure it sounds conversational and positive. After reviewing the recording, try practicing your interview again to improve any areas that might need work.