Azure Data Scientist Associate DP-100 Online Training

Azure Security Engineer Associate- AZ 500

The Azure Data Scientist Associate will apply their knowledge of data science and machine learning to implement and run ML workloads on Azure and in particular by using Azure Machine Learning Service.

You will have a good understanding of the below activities

  • Good Machine/Deep Learning knowledge with hands-on experience in solving complex real-world ML/DL problems.
  • One or more ML/DL frameworks and a deep understanding of the different types of algorithms and their applications with hands-on experience in implementing at least a few of the solutions.
  • Creating a suitable working environment for data science workloads on Azure, running data experiments and training predictive models, managing and optimizing models, and deploying machine learning models into production.
  • Using machine learning techniques for training, evaluation, and deployment of models for developing AI solutions to address business objectives.
  • Using applications for natural language processing, predicting analytics, speech processing, and computer vision, Writing codes for shipping models to production, Working on metrics, and experimentation.
  • Writing codes for machine learning algorithms that other data scientists could use
  • Working directly or indirectly with customers for resolution of technical issues
  • Working on the features of products.
  • Using a wide assortment of machine learning tools and analytical techniques for addressing various high-impact business issues

 Target Audience

  • Azure Developers.
  • Data scientists
  • IT professional
  • Students


There are no prerequisites for this Certification.

Why Should I choose Lara Online Training?

  • We provide Very in-depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for, Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate DP-100 Online Training
  •  At Lara, we provide case studies in real-time applications with a professional explanation.
  •  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real-time Experts.
  •  Class recordings are available immediately after the session for future reference.
  •  We do Normal Track, Fast Track, and Weekend Batches for Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate DP-100 Online Training
  •  We assist you with cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.
  •  At Lara, we provide Placement Assistance.
  •  We provide Assessment and Mock Interviews

Create machine learning models

Explore and analyze data with Python
Train and evaluate regression models
Train and evaluate classification models
Train and evaluate clustering models
Train and evaluate deep learning models

Create no-code predictive models with Azure Machine Learning

Use automated machine learning in Azure Machine Learning
Create a Regression Model with Azure Machine Learning designer
Create a classification model with Azure Machine Learning designer
Create a Clustering Model with Azure Machine Learning designer

Build AI solutions with Azure Machine Learning

Introduction to the Azure Machine Learning SDK
Train a machine learning model with Azure Machine Learning
Work with Data in Azure Machine Learning
Work with Compute in Azure Machine Learning
Orchestrate machine learning with pipelines
Deploy real-time machine learning services with Azure Machine Learning
Deploy batch inference pipelines with Azure Machine Learning
Tune hyperparameters with Azure Machine Learning
Automate machine learning model selection with Azure Machine Learning
Explore differential privacy
Explain machine learning models with Azure Machine Learning
Detect and mitigate unfairness in models with Azure Machine Learning
Monitor models with Azure Machine Learning
Monitor data drift with Azure Machine Learning

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Duration: 30 Hrs
Lectures: 23

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    Azure Data Scientist Associate DP-100 Online Training