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Azure AI Fundamentals - AI-900 Online Training

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Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in particular are solving a significant number of business and social problems and giving computers a new way to handle and process vast amounts of data.

In this course, you’ll learn about AI and machine learning concepts regarding regression, classification, and clustering algorithms. You’ll explore how to manage datasets and work with labeled versus unlabeled data.

You’ll learn how supervised and unsupervised machine learning can be used, as well as how to build and use AIs safely, transparently, and fairly. This course is one of a collection that prepares learners for the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) exam.

Azure AI Fundamentals online training prepares you for the exam and this exam is an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of common ML and AI workloads and how to implement them on Azure. So, taking this online training will give you an advantage over others.

Candidates with both technical and non-technical backgrounds can proceed on with this online training and gain knowledge of AI and ML basics.

Below are the concepts that you will learn in this course

  • describe datasets and how to manipulate data for those datasets
  • differentiate between labeled and unlabeled data and describe why some AI models require labeled data
  • describe how features are selected and used from datasets in AI algorithms
  • describe regression algorithms and how they are used to make predictions
  • describe classification algorithms and how they are used to classify objects or relations
  • describe clustering algorithms and how they can be used to determine groupings in data
  • describe how supervised machine learning models use labeled data, are simpler to build, and have more accurate results
  • describe how unsupervised machine learning models use unlabeled data, which makes them more complex but more flexible than supervised machine learning
  • describe how to responsibly use AI by making sure it is reliable and safe
  • describe how transparency should be used with AI algorithms in a responsible way
  • describe how privacy and security must be factored into responsibly creating and using AI solutions
  • describe how the use of inclusiveness in AI algorithms can benefit everyone
  • describe how fairness in AI algorithms results in responsible AI
  • describe how governance and organizational policies provide accountability for AI responsibility

Target Audience

  • Azure Developers.
  • Data scientists
  • IT professional
  • Students


There are no prerequisites for this courseware. Anyone with an interest in pursuing AI and ML can pursue this online training.

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Microsoft Azure Online Training
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Duration 30 Hrs
Lectures 23
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Based on 16 reviews
It was great working and learning experience with krish on scripting issue. Communication with Management is very responsive and helpful and special thanks to krish for his patience.
sujith B
sujith B
Trainer explained well.completed all topics and helped in technical issues
Laxmi M
Laxmi M
Gulshan who is the trainer is very good at giving insights of the RPA and he is good on clearing all my doubts. The institute also helped me find the right trainer
Srivalli Anand Makkapati
Srivalli Anand Makkapati
Thank you so much, Mr. Kishore, for the online IT training. That was a great experience with you. I have learned a lot from you. You are a very knowledgeable person and helpful in answering questions. I appreciate your replies to me promptly through text messages or email. I understand you overall.
Asif Jafri
Asif Jafri
The explanation is excellent. Trainer explained with live examples and secenarios
Eswar vakada
Eswar vakada
Excellent experience. Kishore is a valuable resource, Lara online training should be proud of him.
Nasir Javed
Nasir Javed
that was a best practice and I have learned alot new things. thank you kishore
Muscle Passion
Muscle Passion
Thank you so much for give us such a great training I learn a lot and it adds value to my knowledge If got a job I should be able to do it without any trouble thanks.
Mohammad Zahid_Qureshi
Mohammad Zahid_Qureshi